Scything Workshops


Improvers Workshop – Saturday 18th April, 9 till 1 – Monimail Tower Project, North East Fife. This is for existing owners of scythes and we will focus on peening and mowing techniques. The session will be facilitated by Rob and participants will be encouraged to share knowledge and skills with others. Cost will be £5 per head plus what you want above that. Booking essential.

Beginners Workshop – Saturday 2nd May, 9 till 1 – Monimail Tower Project, North East Fife. Learn the basics of using a scythe to manage green spaces. All kit and refreshments provided. Topics covered include – scythe set up, honing, mowing style, peening and techniques to manage different types of vegetation. Cost is £30 per head payable in advance.

Scottish Scything Festival 2020 – Saturday 25th July,  all day plus camping options – Blackhaugh Community Farm, Spittalfield, Perthshire. More details to follow.

It is also  possible to arrange a private workshop. To book or to find out more information please email

See below to see some pictures of previous workshops.

Feedback from previous workshops

“Most Enjoyable and learnt a great deal”

“Very good introduction to scything and good practice”

“Very informative – great for the world, the opportunity to practice was ideal”

“Great tutor, clear, concise and very thorough”




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